Loutraki is a recognized spa town (Loutropoli), since 1925. Due to its proximity to the city of Athens it always served as an ideal resort, commonly connected to the memories and activities of a traditional spa town, with its mineral waters and thermal springs.

The plot is situated directly on the seafront. The study called for a housing complex of approximately 1068sq.m. gross area. One of the client’s wishes was for the design to distinguish the masterplan into four different buildings, so as to be managed separately. That request together with the vertical – lengthy axis of the plot’s geometry, led to the shaping of a slightly curved, central path along which the buildings would assemble. The design sought out, to create the structure and feeling of a small – linear neighborhood by shaping the main mass of the building into smaller clusters, forming terraces, shelted shadowy areas and private yards, all the while producing the image of individual residences working together as a community, with the common road acting as their unifying element – the commonplace of this little village. The shaping of the building’s mass and the sequence of terraces aimed at allowing all of the residences to have unhindered view of the sea. The selection of materials, the form of the buildings and the close connection of the residences to the road and its happenings aims at working in sync with the laid back, open and carefree feeling of the place, often associated with summer, holidays and outdoor activities in general.