Artifisiel < A specific method for processing and working on the surface of the mortar applied on walls. This technique was widely used during the 60’s and 70’s. Several layers of coating including marble and cement mortar were applied gradually, with the use of coloring materials applied inside the mixture in situ. After the hardening of the materials, the carving of the surface would begin, in a similar fashion to that of stone carving, using several – usually handcrafted – tools. Thus giving a unique and different texture to each surface depending on the tools used and the craftsmanship of the artisan. The advantages of the method were that the surfaces needed no further coloration but were instead colored by the several matters applied inside the mortar itself, and also its ability to give a sculptural quality in the outer surface of buildings. The technique was gradually abandoned after the 70’s for the use of cheaper and faster methods of coating.

The house, build during 1972, is a typical for the era, detached structure surrounded by a courtyard. Several features on its exterior – telling of the 60’s and 70’s idiom used on the era’s suburbia housing- were utilized as a starting point, for the unfolding of the inner spaces. Complex ironworks on the openings, circular windows and corduroy glasses were used, with the main material focus of the interior, centered around a newly applied, handcrafted artifisiel wall, framing the view of an existing tree on the outer courtyard.


PHOTOGRAPHER:  Angelos K. Agianis